Brylcream   A little dab of Doo Wop!
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STILL the best acapella group in South Florida!

Review from Jeff

***** BRYLCREAM *****

Last night, at a small intimate private party in Boca Raton (actually, there were 979 people in attendance, but who’s counting?) I saw an absolutely terrific acapella doo wop group named BRYLCREAM. For over 4 hours, 5 middle-aged guys from Fort Myers, Florida mesmerized the crowd with amazing rendtions of hits made famous by groups/artists such as The Five Satins, The Crests, The Skyliners, Jackie Wilson, The Shirelles, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Beach Boys, The Beatles…just to name a few.

Trust me on this one, BRYLCREAM which can go-three ways…acapella, full band or music tracks–is an act that rock n’ roll “lovers” should not miss. The group works all-over South-Southwest Florida.

If this type of stuff is your game…check the group’s website at for schedule/sounds.


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Brylcream was organized in 1992 with Tommy 'Cool T' Welter, John 'Wopp' Mina, Richard 'Richie' Beattie, Gary 'G Man' Groneman, and Roy 'Wolfman' Conklin. From the very beginning Brylcream has graced stages across the Southeast with legendary performers like the Coasters, Joey D and the Starlighters, Davey Jones and The Monkees, Johnny Maestro and his Brooklyn  Bridge, The Temptations, The Four Tops and many, many more.

In the 1950's, an acapella group called the Turbans coined the phrase 'Doo Wop' and made it synonymous for Rock 'n' Roll singing groups who used their voices in place of back up accompaniment. Groups such as The Crests, Cadillacs, The Duprees and many others became the pioneers for the vocalizing you hear from many groups today, such as N' Sync, The Backstreet Boys, O' Town and others.  

Their music helped pioneer crisp, clear harmonizing and vocals that live on today; Brylcream is one of the few groups in south Florida who are able to perform acapella numbers in the style of the original 'rockin around the trash cans' that is the foundation of Doo Wop.

Brylcream's dynamic performances continue to keep the best loved music from the 50's, 60's and 70's vibrant and alive, giving it the respect that it has earned in the music industry.

Today,Tom Welter Cool T., John Mina Wopp and Tom Hoffay 'T Bone' and Alan Gilbert Spike, Bill 'Billy D' Louth and Victoria Jennings along with her hubby David Jennings,complete one of Southwest Florida's most original and requested Motown, Classic Rock, Disco and Doo Wop Groups... Brylcream! A Little Dab of Doo Wop!



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