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The Brylcream sound is one of a crisp harmony in Motown, Classic Rock,  Disco and Doo  Wop groups unparalleled in SW Florida. ...  Our song-  list includes hits from many  legendary groups as well as some originals...

Below is just a sample of what you will hear from Brylcream...  Click any of  the songs. You  will need Real Player to listen... If you would like to hear  even more, why not stop by  “The Albums” and check out Brylcream's latest  compilation CDs!

Can’t get enough of Brylcream? Why not purchase one of their albums! 

Sorry, we don’t have them available on 45 rpm vinyl but the CD’s are crisp and clear... Click here to order!

 'Morse Code Of Love'
 Acapella 'All Shook Up'


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