The Guys & A Gal

 John “Wopp” Mina

 Dr. John "Wopp" Mina started singing Doo-Wop in 1973 with his first group "Johnny Crash and  the Hot  Rods". Since then he has been in a number of groups including The "Uptown  Express".  In 1991 he, along with "Richie" Beattie, put together "Brylcream" and has been  directing the group ever  since.

 "Wopp" does many of the original arrangements regularly performed by Brylcream.  The two  original  songs recorded by  Brylcream,  "Rockin' the Neighborhood" and "Ready to Go", were  written by John Mina  and  Roy Schelper.

 In addition to singing Doo-Wop, John Mina is a podiatrist, has seven children, performs in  community theater,  a Rotarian member and a   published science fiction author.  

John 'Wopp' Mina

 Tom “Cool T” Welter

 Tom “Cool T” Welter took up Barbershop singing in ‘91, then joined up with  Richie and Wopp  to help form Brylcream in 1992. Soon after, Tom also joined  “Gully” and “Greasy Lou” to form  a 50s/60s Rock and Roll group called 'Camouflage' which occasionally takes it’s place as  backup  group for Brylcream.

 Currently, “Cool T” has three daughters.

 A resident of Cape Coral, Florida, Cool T can be found most Monday nights at the Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church singing with the Cape Chorale Barbershop Singers.

 Tom “Cool T” Welter

  Bill “Billy D” Louth

 Billy grew up in the Motor City and has performed with such notables as Diana Ross and the  Supremes, Smokey  Robinson and the Miracles, and Nathanial Mayer (“Village of Love”). He  was  also in a back up group for Freddie  “Boom Boom” Cannon (Way Down Yonder In New  Orleans  and Palisades Park).  

 Billy left the waning Doo Wop scene in the 1960's only to return in the mid ‘90s to reviving the  Doo  Wop genre with  Brylcream.  Recently, Billy has also had the privilege of traveling with the  current  “Crests”  and has performed in locations along the eastern US as well as the  Caribbean.  One of his most  memorable “gigs” was when “The Crests” and “Johnny Maestro and  the Brooklyn Bridge” were  featured  on a 50s/60s  Carnival Cruise. Billy currently sings second  tenor and performs lead on many Brylcream songs.

 Billy D” Louth       

  Tom “T-Bone” Hoffay

 As a young boy, growing up in a rural area of New York State, T-Bone
 sang in  minstrel shows and County Fairs. Moved to Florida in 2002 and performed  in  various establishments before auditioning and becoming a member of Brylcream  in  2004. T-Bones™ deep bass voice has become a staple to the groups energetic  and popular performances.

 Hands off girls....There is soon to be a Mrs.(Jan) T-Bone on February 20 2016

Alan Gilbert

 Alan G.'s enthusiasm in contributing his voice toward a shared harmony  presentation began during long, boring car trips between New Jersey and Florida  circa 1970.  Many Beach Boys, Beatles, and many other of the days' favorite  tunes were practiced over thousands of miles.

 This paved the way toward the development of a sense of vocal harmony that,  which combined with his piano playing skills, got him involved with his first gig  with Greasy Joe & The Surfboards.  In 1972, Surfboard, Alan G. (with Greasy Joe  et al) emerged victorious in a Battle of the Bands in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  One  of the runner-up groups, Pegasus, went onto become KISS.
 Alan G. has  remained active with harmony, music, and having fun in the ensuing  several  decades.

 Although advancing significantly in his chronological time line, Alan G. can still be
 found spinning in his hula hoop while crooning one of his favorite tunes. 

 His fellow Brylcream group members credit his successful marriage (24 years) and  large family (7 children) to this activity.

Alan Gilbert

Victoria Jennings  


As a child, Victoria grew up listening to a variety of music styles.  Her father is a former member of the Manard Ferguson band as a screech trumpet player.  Victoria's mother is a long time member of the international award winning Sweet Adeline’s chorus, Spirit of the Gulf.  Uninterested in solo work until her adult life she began her solo singing career winning a Karaoke contest in 2005.  In late 2005, she began working for Macaroni Grille as the Italian opera singer.  In 2006, Victoria performed Music of the Night for the Fire and Ice Ball at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.    She has also been a music director for  her church and now enjoys singing a variety of music with Brylcream.  Her style has been inspired by Linda Eder, Martina McBride, Amy Grant and Barbara Streisand.  With Brylcream Victoria will have the opportunity to sing a variety of music including pop, country, Broadway, doo-wop, oldies (20s through today) and Motown.  Some of the artist’s work she enjoys performing include Faith Hill, The Crystals, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Patsy Cline and Barbara Streisand. We are proud to welcome Victoria to Brylcream.



 David Renae Jennings

One of our newest members, who fills in when we need him, is also the husband of Victoria in the group. He becomes a full time member each summer and we're sure glad to have him.



Other notables who lend a hand in bringing Brylcream to the center stage are the talents of Gary “G Man” Groneman, Jay Bronx, and on occasion, local radio legend, Dr. Doo Wop who occasionally MC’s local Brylcream appearances and other local Doo Wop and Rock and Roll groups around Southwest Florida.

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